Fairy -tale animal and plant world of the Maldives.

Travelers go to the Maldives in order to enjoy the beauty and wealth of the flora, as well as relax from the daily fuss. The most common plant in the Maldives is a coconut palm. In addition, here you can meet bread trees, various varieties of eucalyptus and bamboo. In addition to trees, an incredible number of colors grow on the islands. There are especially many different pink shrubs that amaze tourists with the beauty of flowers and their stunning aromas. The Maldives of the animal world deserves special attention. His incredible variety is literally striking, it is simply impossible not to notice. Here you can see a huge number of tones and sea gulls, they wake up in the morning of all vacationers with their piercing whistle. Bekas and herons live directly on coral reefs, there you can also meet a bird with a very peculiar name – sea frigate. And the small parrots of all the colors of the rainbow here can be seen almost everywhere. And with the onset of night, the coast is filled with numerous crabs-utles and amphibious crabs. However, the main beauty of the Maldives is hidden under water. Even experienced divers are in complete delight from the local diversity of underwater inhabitants. All corals are different in color and shape. Despite their attractive beauty, they should not be touched, since they are very stinging. Fire corals are the most dangerous. The main enemies of the corals are sea stars. They can absorb corals in incredible quantities. In the ocean you can meet such amazing creatures as sea cucumbers and sea hedgehogs. The ocean bottom is decorated with lilies of Komatula. Their processes resemble feathers of fairy-tale firewood. In the ocean, more than 1000 different types of fish have. Only in the Maldives can some rare species of fish be met. Can be considered a great success if you can meet a sea ramp called a sea devil. Despite the significant size, these creatures are very harmless. If you plunge with scuba gear, then you will certainly meet monochrome striped fish that hide at the grotto of the leopard murani, and you can also see a fish fish, which at the sight of you can immediately change your color. It’s better to just look at all the splendor, be sure to be careful when communicating with the inhabitants of the ocean. If the slope feels a danger, then it can painfully hit the tail. It is worth being afraid of sharks that are found here, but sharks-nannies and whale sharks are not dangerous, despite the significant size. Tourists should remember that in 15 zones that are most popular among divers, it is forbidden to catch fish. Maldives can conquer everyone, but if you are still far from vacation, and you need to rent apartments in Novosibirsk all apartments, then for more information we recommend that you go by link, maybe you will find what you will be of interest to you.