Features of winter holidays with children

If you want to go on a trip in winter, you should know several rules regarding such a vacation. In this article we will talk about such rules. If your child is small (younger than the year), then in this case it is better not to go on a trip, especially beyond the boundaries. At this age, children hardly tolerate travel and crossings, as well as the change of time zones. And children are over three years old, they may well behave normally on the way. Your task will only take them during the trip, otherwise you will have to hear constant phrases from them: “I’m tired”, “when we finally arrive?”And t. P. Take with you the most favorite toys of the child, coloring, tetris, books, chess. Also do not forget to take the child with conversations, communicate with him, tell amazing stories. In this case, he can be much easier to transfer the journey.

You should take a first -aid kit with you. It should be in it: bandages, iodine, antiseptics, green, adhesive and all the necessary drugs for you and the child. If you have chronic diseases, in this case you need to take medications from them. It will be important to pay attention to food. Do not take any perishable products with you. It will be better to take ugly cookies with you, mineral not carbonated water, apples. If you go to a ski resort, then keep in mind that the child may have oxygen starvation there. In this case, you can try to reduce it to a cafe or other place and give an oxygen cocktail. Despite the fact that in resort places it is always relatively warm, do not forget about safety measures. It will be best to take a children’s cream with you, which will help protect the child’s skin from frostbite. On the contrary, when making a trip to the warm edges, you will need cosmetics that protects the skin from sunburn.

Before the trip, you should definitely have in advance whether there are special conditions for children in the hotel where you will stop. Sometimes in hotels they do not provide beds for children. In this case, you may have to sleep on the same bed with your daughter or son. So it’s good if the hotel has a special children’s room. There, children will be able to do everything that is interesting for them, under the supervision of educators. As a result, you can always leave the case for some time. But in any case, you should not leave the baby alone for too long, otherwise he will begin to miss.