Lanta Island, Thailand

Rest in exotic countries, it is always interesting and pleasant, so everything is colorful that you forget about all the small and major troubles that have occurred in the past, you try to relax as much as possible and be content with those moments of vacation that are. Do not waste time on the next clarification of the relationship or close your inner world from everyone, look around and you will see how many interesting and fabulous ones are waiting for you on this planet. Below Consider the Lanta resort.

There is a resort on the Thai South Coast, known as just Lanta Island. He became famous for his pure, like a tear, beaches, the water near their coast is so transparent that it seems that you can see the sea bottom with all its inhabitants. He is located near the resort of Chang. Nature in this district is so innocent and beautiful, just not to believe that our modern civilization did not reach out its insidious hands to picturesque landscapes and to rare species of plants and animals. For those who love wildlife and uninhabited places, a surprise awaits, because it is near the lints, there are just such islands. Having rented a boat, you can easily get there and feel the lord of the whole earth, where there is no one, only you and wildlife.

Lanta – Thailand the mysterious island

If you decide to choose the island of Lanta among all the resorts of Thailand, you can visit caves in which there are only secrets and riddles. Get acquainted with nature in mangroves, and for lovers of underwater swimming, coral reefs will open their water kingdom, in which you can see rare types of fish and algae. I would like to note that it was the waters of the Andaman Sea from a certain time that became a reserve. Residents of this area very much care about the surrounding natural zone, guard and do not give it offense to anyone.

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Perhaps, due to the fact that the tourist flow on the island of Lanta is not very large, the natural and plant fauna remain in their original form, it is forbidden to build above the palm trees on which coconuts grow here at home. This is only about the fact that the population is reverently and careful about the environment and does not want to spoil it with a variety of skyscrapers.