Finland is winter and not only

More recently, just a couple of decades ago, no one seriously considered Finland as a promising tourist direction. Now this is one of the most popular countries among those who prefer winter vacation to any other. And the height of the season, as expected, for the country, most of which is behind the polar circle, it falls here for the winter months. As a rule, it opens in October and ends already in May. Despite the fact that in Finland there are no high mountains, but only small heights and hills are very popular here, and there is nothing to say about ordinary ski skiing and without it.

For those who come to this country, there is an opportunity not only to look at the trips of deer and dog harnesses, but also to participate in them yourself. Moreover, at the request of the vacationer, he can do this not by a passenger, but as a drove. Northern safari on snowmobiles is in no less demand. Excellent conditions are also created for lovers of winter fishing, both for sports competitions and for simple rest. Some of the professionals of the ice fishing argue that for this type of rest, the nature of Finland is simply perfect.

A separate type of trips to this country can be considered Christmas trips to the homeland of Santa Claus. Under the “brand” of the world -famous character in Finland, a whole separate branch of the industry works. In addition to ordinary costume representations, there are not quite familiar services here. For example, anyone for a completely symbolic fee can order a letter from Santa Claus for his child, which will come at the specified time at the specified address. The organizers have eleven languages ​​in the arsenal, and if no one is suitable, then the customer himself can write a letter, and it will come in an envelope from the “real Santa Claus”.

For those who can go on vacation only in the summer, an environmental tourism program is provided, and it is really environmentally friendly here – the purity and intimacy of the Finnish forests is simply amazing. But those who are interested in excursions also have something to do, although less than, for example, in Western European countries. But those who are interested in ethnic culture will be really interested here – the country’s government cares not only about ecology, but also about the preservation of cultural heritage. Therefore, given the availability of prices and simplicity with the search for a Russian -speaking guide, Finland is very attractive for traveling there to rest the CIS residents.