A wonderful vacation awaits tourists in the winter in Finland. The presence of comfortable ski resorts, ski routes equipped for skiing at any time of the day will not leave indifferent tourists. Tourists, lovers of winter holidays are invited to ride in the resort of Levy, he is in the western part of Finland, a gulf Stream passes nearby and therefore the weather there is constantly soft. Ski skiing is better to rent at the resort, there they are cheaper and checked by instructors. In general, Finland has more than 100 ski resorts, the presence of a developed ski recreation infrastructure, many small hills, allow you to have a great rest, both a novice skier and an experienced. A wonderful winter vacation can be spent in Lapland, a fabulous country, visiting the house of Santa Claus, dog sledding. In Lapland, you can ride deer teams, snowmobiles and all this along prepared routes and routes. Christmas in Finland, passes interestingly and fabulously, in compliance with all traditions. Santa Claus lives in a village near the city of Rovaniemi, he meets with children all year round, he has his own post office, his deer, and a workshop. For the most part, SAAM, who have their own culture and original traditions, live in Lapland. Here you can see how huge herds of deer are gathering in one place, races on teams are arranged, herds are recalculated. Snowmobiles fit into the modern life of Laplanders. It is convenient to move in deep snow with them, but Sama is shown traditional driving and skill on races, dog teams are controlled by standing behind on the runners, Finnish likes strong and agile dogs, indispensable assistants in the control of the deer and as a traction force in the means of movement along the tundra. When visiting the Santa office, you feel the mood of the holiday, many people speaking different languages, demonstrations of gnomes and elves. Thematic evenings, concerts, for a nearby time, Santa’s office has become a meeting place for people who want to contribute to the peaceful existence of all peoples. Santa Park is a wonderful place where an adult can remember childhood, and children give real joy and good mood. The park itself is a gallery of fairy -tale crossings and the main halls of the cave, passing through galleries, you get to the attractions, they are divided into adults (children can be or cannot be with parents), family feelings (parents with children), only children’s attractions. Winter vacation in Finland is excellent service, sauna, separate cottage, pleasant time, active rest. Finnish guides claim that only they can enjoy the view of the northern lights, and at this time take a hot bath. Small houses in resorts, you can take off for the entire vacation or vacation, they perfectly retain the comfort you have created in the house. For shopping lovers, in the winter after December 27, in Finland there are discounts on goods on the eve of the New Year and Christmas. You can have a great rest and buy useful things or as a keepsake with a discount of up to 70%. In the capital of Helsinki, in addition to national dishes, there are many restaurants in which various dishes of the peoples of the world are served: Vietnamese cuisine, German, Japanese. If you are most interesting to Prague than Finland, we recommend that you follow the link for more complete information, perhaps this is exactly what you need.