Finnish ski resorts

At the moment, a huge number of various travel agencies are functioning, many of which are not quite conscientious. Therefore, the choice of a tour operator should be carried out with maximum attentiveness. It is advisable to find reviews about the chosen applicant, carefully study all the conditions and double -check all a hundred times. But if the choice is made with complete confidence in quality and reliability, then, as a rule, fluctuations between several resort points begin.

Recently, it is very fashionable to go not to banal seas, but to ski resorts, which in addition to rest are able to give an incredible extreme. Lovers of skiing have their favorite places of rest, where they travel regularly, without violating their traditions. Someone chooses French or Norwegian ski resorts, and someone prefers Finnish.

As for the Finnish resorts, as a center of winter sports, intended for skiing enthusiasts, can serve as a ski resort Levy, which is one of those that is most popular and develops quite quickly. Cottages and hotels are located in the forest, and the skiing begins right from the threshold. Free buses regularly run between lifts and cottages. This resort is very popular and among the Finns. After active sports, you can have a good time in numerous infrastructure elements: in mini-academic park, restaurants, cafes, various kinds of stores and shops. In this resort, great opportunities are presented for such Finnish traditional entertainment as motosafari, riding on deer or dog sledges.

The skirting resort, which has well -prepared ski routes, as well as a wide range of entertainment, has a very popularity and developed infrastructure. This resort is a very famous place, also thanks to the holding of Freestyle competitions here and thanks to the excellent snow tunnel for snowboarding. This resort is in one of the first places due to a successful combination of deep winter snow and a first -class skiing network.

It is also good for a family vacation, since there are many entertainment oriented to children here, many simple areas suitable for children’s skiing. There are many museums dedicated to ethnography, agriculture and other areas. Fishing lovers will also have something to have fun here, since there is an opportunity to do ice fishing on the lake.

Many mining lovers prefer Tahko resort, Finland, representing the maximum number of varieties of active winter holidays. The local slopes are suitable for both experts in this sport and for “green” newcomers. Cottages are located on the lake. Nobody will have to miss anyone here.

Rest in ski resorts will contribute to obtaining a lot of positive emotions and healing the body.