France in the spring: entertainment for every taste

There is no better time to visit France than spring. Prices are pleasing, the heat does not tire yet, but the warm days become noticeably larger. In the spring, France can offer something more than an inspection of known attractions. France in March. March is the last month before the fall, when you can find low hotels and ticket prices. It is better to buy a stylish French scarf for saved money to keep warm. Of course, there is nothing better than Paris in the spring: nature returns to life and opens all the beauty of the French capital. Weather in France in March is unpredictable: for evening walks you need to take a warm coat, boots, an umbrella, gloves and a lot of sweaters. Get ready as if cold winter and warm spring days are waiting for you. At the end of March, Easter falls, on the eve of which all the windows of chocolate shops are filled with the best works of confectioners. Chocolate rabbits here on every corner, so you have to forget about the diet. In honor of the holiday, the French receive three days off, so Easter is the time of festivals, carnivals, family events and universal fun. March is also a time when the ski resorts of France are ready to accept visitors. Le Dwe Alp, Shamoni and Meev possess not only excellent infrastructure, but also with the ability to organize horse riding, rest in a bathhouse and sauna. France in April. There was almost no trace of cold days, which is especially noticeable in the south of the country. There is nothing unusual for the French to put on a swimsuit and sunbathe on the sunny coast. The bathing time did not come, but the Mediterranean climate allows you to forget about everything and relax after a long winter. If you want to rent a car and drive around France yourself, look into the burgundy. Here you can order a tour of winery and purchase the best wines. In the village of San Emilen, known to all lovers of the drink, for a decent amount you will be allowed to taste twenty-year-old wine. If you travel yourself, stop in the outback (prices will be an order of magnitude lower).For those who prefer the city rhythm of life, there is a good chance to see the festive Paris. In April, the annual Parisian marathon is held here, and if you are a runner, register and take part in the race. But it is better to mix with a crowd of Parisians who encourage athletes from around the world. France in May. May – an ideal month for a trip to France. The weather at this time is considered moderate, there is no influx of tourists, and French nature will appear in all its glory and flowering. Plan a trip, knowing about public holidays. On May 1, France celebrates the Day of Labor, May 8 – Victory Day, which means that access to museums is closed. This is followed by Catholic holidays ascension, Pentecost and spirits that fall on a different date. If the trip is scheduled for May, learn to live in the rhythm of the French. Participation in festive events will open many new secrets of this country. Within two weeks in Paris, the opening of the French tennis championship has been held. Outside the court, even more fun: screens that translate the games on the air are installed everywhere, and in each bar the TVs are tuned to sports channels. This is a great opportunity to get closer to local residents. Spring France will satisfy the requests of every tourist. In March, lovers of outdoor activities come here, in April and May the time of holidays and flowering begins, opening the road to summer. It remains only to choose what exactly you need.