Florida – “Orange state” or paradise for tourists

Are there people who have never heard of a place like Florida? Of course, no, because this is the southeastern state of the United States, where thousands of tourists from all over the world come annually.

These lands have long been considered favorable for living, because they are located between the Mexican Gulf and Atlantic Ocean. Therefore, long before the settlement of this territory, Europeans lived here such tribes as Callusa and Seminola. In the XVI century, the Spaniards, led by the famous researcher Juan Ponce de Leon, were struck by the beauty of this region, therefore they called him La Tierra Florida, or “Blooming Earth”. And already in the 19th century, Florida became part of the United States after the sale of it by the Spaniards.

As you know, almost all American states have a symbol and nickname. Florida is no exception, because all over the world it is called the “orange state”, and the symbols are alligator, Florida Puma and Lantamine. State population – about 19 million people, the capital is the city of Tallahassi. This state is one of the warmest thanks to the location in the tropical belt, so among tourists it is known as the “Sunny State”. The temperature of both air and the ocean is suitable for rest all year round. Most of all tourists come to Florida – lovers of surfing and beach holidays. Almost all cities and corners of Florida are located to receive tourists, because they have an unusually large number of hotels, hotels, beaches, restaurants and discos.

However, several places that are especially loved by tourists and travelers are still highlighted from the general indescribable beauty. Those who like to admire the beauty of nature must visit the largest park of this part of the United States – the Everglaids Park, whose area is 000 hectares. The park is popular in that you can see quite rare species of plants and animals, for example, an American alligator, flamingo and white ibis. Tourists who arrived in Florida to visit museums will also be pleasantly surprised. So, in Heinsvil you can go to the museum, where the exhibits of the ancient Indians are represented. And in cities such as Saint – Petersbur and Fort Mayers, it is worth looking at the Museum of the paintings of Salvador Dali and the house of the inventor Thomas Edison. If you are on the island of Ki – West, then visit the museum of miracles, and not far from it – the museum – the oceanarium, which is surprised by the beauty and unusualness of the flora and fauna. However, the most favorite place among museums is the NASA museum on Cape Canaveral, from where the launches are made into the space space of shutters and missiles. Fans of fun and extreme relaxation love Disney entertainment Park. It is amazing that not only children come here, but also people of adult ages. Divers should remember that near Florida are the islands of Florida Kis, which are considered truly a real paradise for divers.