Furong Dong cave. China.

Furong Dong (Lotus Cave) is named after the Furong (Lotus river) river, the tributary of the Wujiang River. It is located near the village of Jiangkou in the County of Wulong County. The cave was originally called the steam cave, because a huge entrance gives steam in winter and cool air in the summer, so it blurred in the fog throughout the year. A loud sound from the entrance to the cave is the cause of numerous terrible stories about the cave, and the locals were too scary to enter it. When they first explored the cave in May 1993, they discovered a beautiful cave and decided to open it for the public. Only a year later in May 1994, they opened it for a public visit.

In the 19th and beginning of the 20th century, it was common for the development of the cave without preliminary scientific research. Today, Western countries have strict rules for protecting caves, and the development of new caves requires intensive scientific research in the first place. In China, still on the contrary. After the development and opening of this cave, its existence became widely known, as a result of which the first scientific studies were conducted. The international group of speleologists studies the cave and, after five expeditions, a total of 108 days in the cave has now been held.