Paralia Katerini

The capital of the Greek region of Pieria is a city with the same name Parali Katerini. This small resort town on the shores of the Aegean Sea is truly a find for tourists with a variety of hobbies and high requests. Lovers of diving and water sport will pleasantly surprise sea shallows, extending several kilometers and clean waters. Fans of soar on the beach will be pleased to see clean sands and a warm azure surf.

Will not leave the parailic of Katerini and lovers to make small cruises, as the Paralia Katerini port is equipped with comfortable yachts. For those who like to make shopping, there are shops, jewelry and fur shops in the city, etc. D. Fans of outdoor activities will be pleased to climb mountain peaks. It will also be interesting to visit legendary historical places. For example, Mount Olympus – the dwelling of ancient gods, Mount Pieria – the refuge of ancient muses. Paralia Katerini is a tourist center with good infrastructure. There are comfortable hotels with a high level of service, bars, restaurants with cheerful Greek music, offering dishes of both Greek and foreign cuisine, as well as night clubs, etc. D.