Holidays in Mexico, or how to independently secure an unforgettable vacation

Mexico belongs to countries where tourism began to develop for a long time. But here is a traditional understanding of the resort rest, which we are used to seeing on the domestic coasts, as well as in Turkey, Egypt and Thailand, there was no rejoicing. Apparently, the whole point is that for the most part, citizens of the United States come here. Mexico for them is a real paradise with a warm climate, low prices and beautiful landscapes. The Mexican resorts are dominated by an adult and solid audience, seeking a relaxing rest, a healthy diet, the opportunity to restore life energy and study the local culture and Spanish, which is official here. And the inhabitants of the Moscow Region have an excellent opportunity to get the necessary knowledge at home, so that in Mexico only “polish” them properly in practice.

We study Spanish and Mexican attractions

You can get basic knowledge and some conversational language skills in several ways:

Hire a Tutor in Spanish in Odintsovo and study with him at home or in a language school in his free time.

Sign up for proven Spanish courses. Odintsovo warmly opens their doors for those who want to learn in comfortable conditions in small groups using modern materials and techniques.

Find a native speaker who will help to learn the main aspects of Skype or other online programs.

All three methods have their pros and cons of. Conversations and exercises with a native speaker, most likely, will not cost anything but paying for Internet traffic. But often this approach is reduced to a pleasant acquaintance and interesting time spent in the dialogs. He practically does not promise the fundamental skills of living communication – at least in the first year of practice.

One way or another, to master Spanish at least at the minimum level, of course, is worth. Then you can find out the useful facts about the cities, their inhabitants and attractions, inexpensive hotels and hostels, the advantages and rules of public transport, the best catering establishments and high cuisine. Be sure to ask the locals where it is better to buy souvenirs and gifts to loved ones. Mexico is famous for its crafts and jewelry made of silver and leather, woolen and patchwork blankets, scarves and hats. Feel free to bargain and bring down the price. Often, the local merchants accustomed to rich American tourists are several times overstated by real prices for their goods. And be sure to visit the Mexican pub, tire tacos, burrito, Caesadil and Enchilad. Acute lovers can taste tequila, and adherents of a healthy lifestyle will definitely like the local cocoa. Pleasant impressions and successful leave!