Cape Town Vacations.

Various impressions are amazing in saturation of tourist routes, along the southern coast of South Africa. Most of them begin with Cape Town and its environs.

Nature generously endowed with bright attractions local places. This is immediately striking. After all, Cape Town itself is located at the foot of the canteen of the mountain, raising its even plateau to a height of 1090 meters. The cable car that goes to this peak ends next to the equipped observation sites, from which panoramic views are opened on the broken coast of Cape of Good Hope and the Primorsky Valley, in which there is a city with a population of more than 3.5 million people.

Having enjoyed the views of a bird’s eye view and walks in historical attractions, you can go to the coast of the Cape of Good Hope. It has been known to European sailors since the 15th century and was considered iconic when traveling from Europe to India. Magnificent panoramic views, opening from the mountain passes of the cape, are replaced by sandy beaches clamped between rocky spurs. Penguins reign in these places, founding here the northernmost colonies of their species. And the small rocky islands in the bays of this peninsula are inhabited by sea seals, which for hours stir up in the sun and playfully hunt fish flocks that rush past their roles.

120 kilometers east of Cape Town is the famous resort Germanus. He is known not only with his yacht parking lots and excellent beaches. It is in his bays in the autumn months that dozens of whales come in order to find their pairs and give birth to kids. During their games, sea giants are approached almost to the shore, and therefore the Walker Bay is considered one of the most convenient places on the planet for observation from the shore for whales. In September and August, thousands of tourists flock to the beaches of Hermanus to become participants in the traditional festival of whales and personally see these huge mammals.

In addition to natural attractions, the surroundings of Cape Town are famous for their vineyards, parks and excellent seafood cuisine. The winery of this region with a 200 -year -old history is cordially accepted by visitors, offer to try their best wines and conduct exciting excursions in their possessions and wine cellars.

Upon returning from excursion tours, there is nothing more pleasant than enjoying the evenings in a cafe on the Atlantic coast and trying oysters and lobsters seasoned with fragrant spices according to ancient African recipes.

In Cape Town, you can plan for yourself any route in terms of duration, with the most interesting attractions for you, the main thing is to find the time and get to this wonderful corner of the earth.