Hostel. From Europe with love

If there is a demand, there will be a proposal, the market law reads. Demand for cheap hotel accommodation has always been, so I could not help but appear this demand to satisfy. So the hostel arose.

The hostel, like a subspecies of hotel accommodation, originated more than a century ago. If we take a specific country, then we can say that its homeland is Germany, where in 1909. School teacher r. Shirmann first created a kind of current hostel in one of the German schools.

The innovation had people to taste. The poor layers of the population eagerly used hostels, and over time they became more and more. From Europe, these “common hotels” moved to us. Currently, in Ukraine, hostel is in demand and widespread.

Arriving to Ukraine or traveling within its limits, people need a hotel. If the visit is planned for a long time, then, of course, you can choose a solid, expensive institution, since the duration of the visit is directly related to the need for a good hotel atmosphere. But if a person arrived in Kyiv for several days or arrived here in transit, then why did he need an expensive hotel? There are different hotels in Borispol, which will provide a shelter at night or several days, there are similar places in Kyiv. But the whole difficulty is that the number can be rented for a day. If you have a couple of hours between flights, and you want to spend them in a calm atmosphere away from the noisy airport, then you still have to pay for a day of living. And these wasted money spent and force many travelers to suppress a sigh and say to themselves: “Nothing, somehow we will wait at the airport. Then we will rest “.

You remember where we started our story? That’s right, from the hostel. It was the need to place students at night and prompted the school teacher to create the first prototype of this placement. Therefore, the hostel is still popular.

It enables travelers to find rest for a couple of hours and for a long time. The two most necessary and desired objects for any tired person – a bed and a roof over his head. Their hostel provides them, and does this for a very moderate fee.

If you are going to the capital and consider different hotels, for the sake of interest, ask what prices are in Kyiv’s hostels. You will be pleasantly surprised, because you will find that they are quite accessible. Moreover, the modern hostel is not the same former shelter for wanderers, in which, in addition to the beds of other furniture, there was often no. Today, accommodation in the hostel is almost no different from the conditions in ordinary hotel rooms. Only the people in the room more. But if you eat a big company, the room of the room is only a plus.