Information about Italy for tourists

Having visited Italy, you will change your perception of beauty and architectural splendor. This is a country that incredibly combines traditions and modernity. From the art of the Renaissance era, to the excellent combination of food, culture, music and fashion. Italy is the dream of every traveler. Adviсe. Travel planning suggests that you focus on the ability to save money and at the same time can enjoy the trip without any special worries, that extra expenses will help to avoid profitable burning tours to Italy. High season in Italy – from June to September. Accordingly, you can order yourself tickets to visit this beautiful country for April-May or during September-November. In addition, during this period, the prices of hotel rooms will be an order of magnitude lower. Will not damage to purchase insurance, especially if you came from another country. The length of stay directly depends on the validity period of your passport. In general, citizens of other countries allow entry for up to 3 months. Travel lightly, because you cannot find a Swiss to the railway station. In addition, you will have nowhere to fold the clothes purchased in Italy. The capital of Italy – Rome, a great place to visit. In the outskirts of the city there are a variety of inexpensive hotels in which you can stop. In addition, Italian cuisine in Rome is considered one of the best. Luxurious restaurants and prestigious hotels can be very expensive, so opt for stores, cozy bars and restaurant courtyards. Before the trip, read the information about Italy on the Internet or guidebooks. This will allow you to better understand this wonderful country and its inhabitants. Visit Venice. But be sure to take a photo or video camera with you. Here you will find the most architectural masterpieces per square kilometer. Italian currency is euro, which is widespread in 13 countries. If you arrived from the country outside Europe and you have other monetary units, then you may encounter a problem if you do not change money. You can do this at all airports and at railway stations. The phone is of great importance, in emergency cases you can contact the necessary services. You can purchase phone cards in any tobacco shop. Before a trip to Italy, specify whether you should get a new code in order to have access to your bank card. If you do not know the Italian language, then this is not a problem. Most residents and hotel employees speak English, French and other languages. If necessary, you can always use the language of gestures. Traveling by train, you can save significant funds. You can also use ferries and buses for movement. Close acquaintance with Italy will allow you to better understand the vivid culture of this incredible country. A pleasant trip to you!