Hotel “Nabat Palace” – a real oriental fairy tale

Arrival in an unfamiliar city requires an urgent solution to the paramount issue, namely, placement. This issue is relevant for both businessmen who came to a short working business trip, and for the newlyweds who went on a long -awaited wedding trip, and for students who decided to sort half the world on a pass.

The “housing issue” in densely populated, large and expensive cities, to which Moscow belongs, is especially acute. Where to accommodate here is comfortable and not for the “cosmic” amount? We offer you a great option – the Nabat Palace Hotel, located near the Domodedovo Airport.

Such a convenient location is one of the advantages of this hotel. You do not need to spend extra time moving around the city, as well as an expensive taxi. Given that the transfer to the hotel and from it is free, this is generally a great option.

But this is far from all the advantages of the “Palace”. If you take the other hotels of Domodedovo and conduct a comparison, the number one place, of course, will be for the “nabat palace”. The thing is that such an excellent quality of service for a moderate price you will not find anywhere else.

“Nabat Palace” is a five -star hotel made in the oriental style. Only here you will find original and unique interiors, which is a pleasure to be in. This is a real oriental fairy tale in style 1001 night!

This hotel is suitable for absolutely everyone: it will become a wonderful romantic nest for the newlyweds, will amaze the imagination of business partners, win at any hall for celebrations and weddings.

When finishing the hotel interior, the most expensive materials were used, and this is visible at first glance. There are 33 unique numbers at the disposal, the interior of which was developed on an individual design. Thus, in the “Nabat Palace” you will not encounter a depressing monotony, which are full of other hotels.

Internet, mini-bar, robes and slippers, spa, pool, safe and other amenities-all this is provided to the services of guests. And all this for a very moderate price for hotels of this level – only 6,000 rubles per day! It is cheaper than in a aerotel located in the neighborhood, but not going into any comparison with the “nabat palace”!

It is this Hotel Domodedovo Moscow, at least for some time will make your life a real oriental fairy tale! Therefore, if you go on a trip, book a “nabat palace” immediately, do not waste time in search!