Trip to Sunny Mauritius

The island of Mauritius, located among the waters of the Indian Ocean, delights tourists from all over the world. After all, there are fairy -tale beaches, picturesque nature, and the underwater world will amaze with its wealth of even the most experienced divers, which have in their collection of Sochi coins, in addition, this tiny country is considered one of the popular wedding directions. Prices for vacation in Mauritius, of course, are not the lowest, but a trip to the island will never be forgotten.

Tourists from Russia do not need a visa to visit Mauritius. It must be remembered that corals and objects raised from the seabed cannot be taken out of the country. Vacationers should also take into account the fact that the island is a possible frequent weather change, so winds and raincoats should be taken with you. It is best to go to Mauritius from mid -October to mid -May.

Shopping and kitchen

Typically, tourists bring vessels from the country with multi -colored land “Shamarel”. Also here they often buy cashmere and textile products, sailing models, vanilla tea, reed sugar and popular local rum. In Mauritius, you can buy jewelry, the prices of which are about 40% lower than in Europe.

On the island you can taste Indian, French and English dishes. The main ingredients of local cuisine are carry and rice. A cocktail of a mixture of coconut milk and rum with the addition of lime is famous for its taste. Hotel restaurants offer their vacationers a buffet consisting of a variety of delicious dishes.


A picturesque country will allow you to relax surrounded by untouched forests, gold sandy beaches. On the western coast of the island are the mountains of St. Petersburg Bot and Moka, as well as the capital of Port Louis. Here you can visit the tomb of Laval, the Museum of National History, which stores the stuffed birds and art gallery. Other attractions of the capital: fortress of Fort Adelaide, St. James Cathedral, Jumma Mosque. 11 kilometers from Port Louis is the Botanical Garden of Pamplemus, where you can see a palm grove, a lake with lotuses and lilies and get acquainted with the intricacies of cooking sugar at the factory.

The city of Mayburg is not replete with the presence of beaches, but here it will be interesting to tourists Chateau Shato Robiyar near the entrance to the city. Now in the castle there is a museum with ancient cards, engravings and fragments of sunken ships.

Luxurious natural attraction of Mauritius – National Park “Black River Gorge”. On its territory there are volcanic lakes, rare species of plants. Representatives of the fauna in the park: pink pigeons, deer, Mauritian Fudy. From September to February, the most picturesque flowering period lasts here.

Water skis, golf, tennis, fishing are popular on Mauritius. Surfing lovers prefer to go to Tamarin Bay in the West of the island.