How many cities in Germany?

How many cities in Germany? This list is great, it includes all the big cities of Germany with a population of more than 100 thousand people. In Berlin, Munich, Cologne and Hamburg, the population exceeds a million people. According to data for 2010, the list includes all settlements having the status of the city of their entire Berlin capital and is one of the districts of Germany. It is the second densely populated city, it contains 4 million people. Bavaria – is considered a land land. He earned this status due to the beauty of landscapes and alpine mountains. Munich is considered the capital of Bavaria. How many cities in Germany? The best cities in Germany, in which the most greenery, has about 33 cities. Saxony is an earth with a large population density in which 250 people per square kilometer account. On this earth in the city of Hemnitsa, the first steam locomotive was published. The largest city in Saxony is Leipzig. Dresden is considered the center of world culture. North Rhine-Westphalia-the capital of Dusseldorf, it is a city of fashion, exhibitions, congresses and art. In the city of Bon there is a famous cathedral and town hall. There are many more famous cities that you can talk about and talk about.