How much to fly to Finland?

If you asked such a question, you probably throws you into sweat from the idea that you have to come off the ground and how much time it will take? Or is it just a professional interest? In any case, flights do not take a lot of time, but during this short period you can ruin the nerves for life. This is if you are afraid, and if not, then there is an answer.

The flight from Moscow to the capital of Finland takes about two hours, not reaching five minutes. But many travel by train and, resorting to such transport, do not consider the passage tedious and long, this probably applies to St. Petersburg or residents of nearby cities. This is because Finland is located very close to St. Petersburg, literally a few hundred kilometers (about 250 kilometers). Flights to Finland can be carried out independently, or you can use the services of a tour operator, which also has its own charms.

As a rule, the cost of the tour includes both flights, and accommodation in hotels and other proposed service. This is thanks to developed competition in the field of tourism business. However, it is not a way to advise you than to get to this country, I just advise you to visit there, it’s fine.