How many seas in Egypt?

Why people go on vacation to Egypt? To relax, light up on a hot African sun, and, of course, swim the sea. And therefore many worries the question: how many seas are in Egypt? The northern side of Egypt is washed by the Mediterranean Sea. The capital of Mediterranean resorts – Alexandria. The Red Sea splashes on the east side of Egypt. And this is the main resort zone of Egypt. Someone considers the notorious pyramids the main attraction of Egypt, but this means only one thing-it has never been on the Red Sea. Having visited the charm – El – Sheikh, visiting the reefs delightful in beauty, having faded with the mask, you will be so amazed at the beauty of the Red Sea that you will never want to leave from there. Sandy beaches of Hurghada are preferred to relax on the coast of the Red Sea with children. Let the question “how many seas in Egypt” no longer care about, because Egypt, rest, sea, diving are synonyms. On any of the countless beaches of Egypt, you will find perfect rest conditions for yourself. The sea of ​​Egypt remains warm throughout the year, so if you do not go to Egypt, a fabulous vacation on the most beautiful on the entire planet is provided to you.