How to behave in Greece, rules of behavior in Greece, tips in Greece

For the most part, the population in Greece is Orthodox, but who said that all the Orthodox in this world have the same habits and traditions! Here is the first difference: if in Russia it is customary to exchange handshakes at a meeting, then in Greece they relate to this procedure more restrained. So do not rush to pull your hand, especially when meeting. The Greeks prefer to exchange kisses, and two times, but only with those people who know and are affected.

Another difference from the same Russians. Citizens of Greece love to scratch the languages, criticizing the actions of their own authorities, but it is worth the foreigner to support this topic, as he immediately becomes unpleasant for them. They do not like to admit to their internal affairs. So it is best to be in such a discussion as a patient listener.

If the Greek invited you to visit, you need to take into account a few more rules. In the event that the owner lives in the village and invites to taste the local bread and salt, do not refuse in any case. Even if not hungry. For the owner, this will be a serious insult. But in the city – somewhat different traditions. Even being invited, it is hardly worth counting on a plentiful treat. You will be usually offered wine, tea or coffee, because the Greeks are used to dinner or dinner in the nearest cafes. Now, if they are invited to the zucchini, then you can not worry about payment: it is accepted here – who invites, he pays for everything.

Another rule that you should remember so as not to put Greek acquaintances in an uncomfortable position. Unlike Russia, it is not accepted here, coming to visit, take off shoes. They will not be offered slippers, since the main is not the cleanliness of the sexes, but the purity of friendly relations. It is also not accepted to visit gifts with gifts – with its vodka or a jar of traditional caviar. It is best to hand such gifts before the invitation, otherwise impressionable Greeks may think that you do not consider them not wealthy enough to adequately accept a friend. But the flowers in this warm country will be accepted with gratitude. Especially if the house has women who are idolizing in Greece.

Now about the fact that the Greeks and Russians are related. They, like us, are not too binding. And if they say that they are ready to meet tomorrow, do not understand this literally: tomorrow, in their understanding, this is someday, if a specific hour and place of meeting is not appointed. To be late for rendeza is also not considered shameful: an hour there, an hour here – in the country of Hellas is not considered shameful. An hour is still a trifle, if you compare it with eternity.

On the roads of pedestrians-tourists should be careful. Greek drivers, like Russian, consider everyone who crosses the roads even along the “zebra”, an annoying obstacle to their Schumacher path. So you need not relax. But this is perhaps the only inconvenience in Greece.

And – the last. In the country of Hellas, it is customary to leave tips everywhere where the tourist is provided. In restaurants – at least ten percent of the cost of the account. This is recommended even in the public toilet. Otherwise, there is a risk of losing an elementary accessory of this department – toilet paper.