How to get to the UK?

Many people are striving in the UK for various reasons-someone works there, someone wants to look at the most famous monuments and museums, someone-to learn true English. Such people think about how to get to the UK cheaper, and there are really several ways to save.

Airlines, and not only British, if this is not a charter flight, offer preferential tickets, which must be redeemed about a week before departure. Typically, such tickets offer a short -term tourist visa. Another way to save is to fly not to the UK, but to France, but from there to cross the la-mansh on a ferry. The savings, of course, are insignificant, but the pounds of sterling in the UK will not be superfluous, and the journey by sea is very useful and impressive. You can get on the ferry for free if you drove throughout Europe on the bus “Bus to London”, but such a trip is tiring. A steam ticket with a 50%discount is offered upon presentation of a railway ticket.

But the most interesting way how to get to the UK is an underground train to London, who goes from Paris and Brussels, where you can get in any convenient way.