How to get to Bulgaria?

When a crisis occurred in the socialist camp, numerous sea, climatic and ski resorts of Bulgaria survived the decline. But subsequently, the relatively low vacation price began to attract many tourists, and many of our compatriots do not see anything better than getting to Bulgaria and spend their legal vacation here. At the same time, regardless of vacation came – in winter or summer – in Bulgaria you can always have a good rest.

The most silent way is to buy a turpet and forget about the problems – the tour operator will do everything for you until the visa execution. But there are a lot of “savages” among our compatriots, and they sit on the plane, as follows straight to 3 major cities of Bulgaria-Sofia, Varna and Burgas. Of all these cities, you can get to the right place without trouble. But there are those who are simply afraid to fly, or saves money on the flight. There are 2 other options for such people, how to get to Bulgaria – by ground route along the road or railway. True, this path is longer and takes more than 2 days, but it is almost 2 times cheaper compared to the flight of the Bulgarian airline, and if other European ones are taken into account, then even more.