How to get to Bulgaria by train?

Recently, the number of tourists in Bulgaria is rapidly increasing, and our fellow citizens are no exception. Many people buy tourist interpretations, and some began to lean more to independent travels. And among the latter there are a lot of those who believe that there is nothing more attractive, how to get to Bulgaria by train – cheaper and more exciting. Of course, the road lasts about 2.5 days against 2.5 hours on an airplane, but this path is worth it – all the beauties of Eastern Europe are opening before the passengers. Rids from St. Petersburg and Moscow run quite regularly and quite regularly. The path runs through Ukraine, Moldova and Romania, the payment of transit in the first two states is not required for Russian citizens, but in Romania for a transit visa will have to be paid around? Although, in principle, Russian citizens are given a benefit when traveling only through Romania using a transit train is a way to get to Bulgaria by train through Romania without paying for a transit visa. True, such a train comes from Moscow to Sofia within 5 days, and such a way from habit may seem very tiring.