How to get to Vietnam?

From Moscow to Vietnam, namely the city of Hanoi, you can get an airplane. Airlines Vietnam Airlines and Aeroflot spend two, and sometimes three flights from Moscow per week. The flight lasts almost 9 hours, but it’s worth it. In addition, Vietnam Airlines twice a week flights to the city of Hoshimin are executed. Some Asian and European air carriers offer flights to many cities of Vietnam, but with transplanting in other states. Very often a trip to Vietnam is carried out by passengers through neighboring states China or Thailand. These countries with Vietnam have a lot of flights, in addition, from China to Hanoi you can get by train. If they ask me a question: “How to get to Vietnam?”, I answer that the problem is not transport, but buying tickets, because this event is the most important and expensive. We bought tickets from Qatar Airways, the cost of which is to Hoshimin and back 23680 rubles per person. I can only advise that if you have found a ticket, immediately book it, the most delicious offers instantly diverge. Before the direct, of course, specify whether the visa will have time to become a visa that remains before departure.