How to get to Tunisia?

Tunisia is connected with Europe with regular ferry lines. Their schedule, as well as prices, can be found in shipping companies. If you want to know how to get to Tunisia in addition to the sea, then you can airplane or bus, as well as by car. But if you return to the ferry, then from Sicily to Tunisia he floats a maximum of seven hours. The cheapest ticket costs forty euros. If you get by ferry from France, it will take twenty -five hours.

In addition to the sea path, there is a land. For example, with Libya Tunisia has only two border crossings. One of them is used mainly by local residents, the other runs a large number of buses that transport tourists in all cities of Tunisia. Most tourists who come to the country travel by plane.

How to get to Tunisia to Russians if there are no direct flights from Russia? When the tourist season begins, charter flights are organized in the monastir. In other months, Tunisia can be reached through Paris, Rome or Frankfurt. The main international airports are in the capital, Monastir, Tausare and Jerbe. Tunisia Air, an air national line that carries passengers to different cities of North Africa, Europe and the Middle East.