In Germany, Hans-Pursche Traum Werk Park opened

In Germany, the Hans-Pieter Porsche Traum Werk Park opened, which is extended in an area of ​​55,000 kV.

The main attraction is one of the largest models of the railway 3 km long in Europe, along which 40 trains rush at the same time. It occupies an area of ​​400 kV. m. Miniature landscapes are reduced copies of landscapes in southern Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The height difference on the model road is up to five meters. To simulate sunny days and bad weather, video projectors and sound effects are used. In addition, small screens inform about the technical features and history of 180 trains.

Some of the mini-roads belonged to the real celebrity, singer Peter Alexander, who is now no longer alive. In 2007, he decided to sell his collection, and Hans Peter-Porsche acquired it with great pleasure.

A collection of historical toys is also impressive. Among them are tin toys, models of cars, aircraft and ships, as well as dolls and plush cubs. Most of them were part of the collection of the very founder of the park..“It is unusually interesting to observe how adults and children equally open their mouths at the sight of a layout of the railway and toys,” Porsche said at the opening ceremony of Traum Werk Park.