In Europe on its own car: useful recommendations for travelers.

The discovery of the Western borders caused a completely understandable desire of our compatriots to see how they live in capitalist Europe. Numerous travel agencies quickly went on the lead of mass demand, offering a huge selection of bus and aviators, tourist, beach or commercial. But not all travelers are satisfied with the life of the regime and numerous inconvenience related to group trips, so owners of their own vehicles are often decided on a fairly bold step – a trip by car on their car. In fact, this idea is quite feasible, especially if you carefully approach the issue of paperwork for leaving and carefully check the technical condition of the vehicle. First of all, think about how to prepare a car for a long journey. If his technical condition is in doubt, or the machine urgently requires engine repair, it is worth refusing to travel to the car by investing available funds in the restoration or replacement of the motor. Otherwise, you may be in the middle of an empty route with a failed car, not knowing neither the addresses of car services, nor the language of the country where you are. And even if one of the participants in the movement will help you get to the nearest workshop, the account for repairs will be an unpleasant surprise, forcing you to forget about the pleasant expenses of the tourist abroad and even finish the trip ahead of schedule, returning home without money and with a spoiled mood. As for the preparation and collection of papers, the main of them for a trip to Europe is the Schengen visa and the so -called Green Card – the insurance policy of which applies to the entire Schengen zone and to a number of other states, in total – to 45 countries. In relation to the first, you can safely recommend contacting professionals offering services to receive a visa at the Consulate of the country, which you intend to visit. This decision will save you from many inconvenience, in vain expenses, waste of time and unexpected refusal, due to error in the questionnaire or expired photography in the map. As a rule, with the operational submission of all the required documents, the visa will be presented in five to ten working days, without any problems and delays. In turn, the design of the Green card can be fully implemented on their own. The list of documents for its receipt includes a driver’s license and papers certifying the ownership of the vehicle on which you plan to cross the border. Try to resolve the issue of receiving a Green card in Russia, since its design in Europe will cost you much more. And do not take risks, going on a trip without a policy-after communicating with the police who stopped you to verify, the path to Europe can become closed for you forever, due to a gross violation of entry rules.