Is it possible to relax even cheaper

Egyptian resorts occupy a leading position in attendance not only in the vacation season, but also at any other time of the year. For Russian vacationers, this is one of the most optimal options for a foreign vacation, this explains the great popularity of the resort. Egypt is represented by two main cities that meet their guests. Today, charter in Hurghada or Sharm El Sheikh, and sometimes in Mars-Alah, occurs no more than twice a day. More recently, there were much more of them. If you do not want to use the services of charters, you can always use regular flights that are happy to offer several airlines.

Transportation services to Egypt are provided by the following carriers: Yutyir, Ural Airlines, Nord Wind, Aifla, Transaero, etc. D. Tickets are sold at the same prices as the tour operator. Airlines often provide their aircraft to travel agencies for rent. Regular flights for the most part fly with transfers. For example, in Istanbul, a stop of air transport from Turkish Eirines, in Cairo – from Egypt Air makes an air transport. European airlines make flights along other routes. From Moscow, you can get to Egypt with a direct flight in 4 hours, or with transfers, the duration of which depends on the selected carrier company.

Egypt pamper his guests not only with the gentle sun and wonderful beaches, but also with an abundance of sights. The famous pyramids of the Cheops, Miceren, Hefrin, monasteries and temples, tombs of ancient rulers and much more you can see by going on an excursion tour to different cities of the country. A pleasant surprise for beginners and experienced divers will be the price of air tickets to Sharm El Sheikh. With it, you will move to the underwater kingdom of the Red Sea, whose expanses are amazing and unique. Cairo, a city that combined the spirit of ancient times and the era of modernity, deserves special attention.

The vivid impressions of tourists are a national Egyptian cuisine, which is distinguished by a large number of delicious dishes. Residents of this country prefer to use in the preparation of spices and spices, the combination of which is reflected in the stunning taste of ready -made dishes. The traditional Egyptian tea is especially tasty, which is served in the morning and evening. Every year, charters to Egypt deliver vacationers to rest, who return with a huge baggage of emotions and happy memories. Photos and video clips brought from Egypt will recall for a long time a pleasantly spent time.