On vacation in Egypt with a child

To rest in Egypt with a child Egypt is an amazing country whose beaches for Russian tourists have become even more relatives than the Black Sea coast. We have already mastered the Egyptian resorts so much that we take vouchers without special thoughts and doubts for our children. Another thing is that any parent understands that rest with children is not just a sea of ​​bright emotions, but this is a big responsibility. And how competently you prepare for the trip, the quality of rest depends. What to take with you.

Many parents do not particularly count on the generosity of the Egyptian service, and try to bring everything that their baby may need to the resort – as a result of bags, suitcases are so many that it seems that it will be difficult to fly up to the plane. Do not complicate your life – take only the most necessary, the service in Egypt is quite well developed, and if necessary, you can find everything you need. So, for example, today everyone knows that it is impossible to drink (even boiled water) in hotels – fraught. However, there is no need to drag with you through the border with drinking water – in all hotels, water is delivered for tourists.

But the issue of clothing should be more attentive. So, in addition to a bathing suit for the baby, you need to take several T -shirts or T -shirts from natural fabrics, skirts or shorts. Do not forget to grab beach slippers, several pairs of light summer shoes. Do not forget about the need for a headgear. Children’s menu on vacation. As for food, the practice of the Swedish table is widespread in most Egyptian hotels. This is quite convenient, in any case, you can choose for your baby the most familiar food for him, proven products that will not cause an allergic reaction. In this case, it is necessary to ensure that the baby does not overeat – limit it in spicy and sweet food. You should ensure that the child does not try dishes of national cuisine on his own. Remember that the children’s digestive system is quite weak, and therefore any unusual, unfamiliar food can cause stomach disorder, the cause of poisoning. Once again I want to say about water – you can use only bottled water – ordering water in hotels will allow you to provide yourself with excellent, clean water, which is guaranteed not to bring you any problems.

And finally, about entertainment – children’s animation in Egypt’s hotels is well developed. Almost any Egyptian hotel will be able to offer you a water park with water entertainment, a children’s pool, game rooms with many entertainment. Professional teachers work here who will be able to find an approach to any child. But it is better not to take kids on excursions, especially for long and tiring – such a walk will bring not so much joy as fatigue.