Islands of Indonesia.

If you dream of traveling and want something new, then you certainly need to visit a wonderful country-Indonesia, which is seemed to be created specifically for relaxation. A comfortable, warm climate will not even let you remember your problems and work, and the perfect tourism industry will provide a decent activity for every vacationer, even with the most exquisite taste. In this marvelous country you will be waiting for crystal clear water and pure pleasant sand. Also at your service diving and surfing. In general, in Indonesia, “water” entertainment is at a high level, this is due to the fact that the country consists of 18 thousand islands!

Speaking of these amazing places, one cannot but mention the richest plant and animal world of this region. It is also worth noting that more than half of the territory of Indonesia is covered with evergreen forests. The world’s largest tropical flowers grow here. Fauna here is also very diverse, because, for example, only butterflies here is 122 species! On some islands you can find sea turtles, orangutan, elephants and even leopards.

If we talk about the inhabitants of the archipelago, then these are very smiling and friendly people. They have long been accustomed to a huge number of tourists, and meet them with unchanging politeness and friendliness. Indonesia is quite a multinational country, about 300 peoples live here. If you succeed, then you can see local residents who, to the present day, adhere to centuries -old traditions, and are in no hurry to change their lives. The national language is Indonesian, but, like in many other resort places, English is widespread.

Indonesia is a very multifaceted resort, even for the most sophisticated tourist there is something new, and for a newly made wanderer-all the more so. Newlyweds, as a choice of a place for a wedding trip, it is doubly worth visiting this picturesque corner.

If you finally decide to relax on this fabulous archipelago, now it’s time to tell you about the not features and most significant places of this country. As mentioned earlier, Indonesia includes 18 thousand islands, however, there are not so many large. The most famous and most popular is the island of Java, here is the capital of Indonesia – Jakarta. This is an unusual place, fascinates with its contrast – modern buildings are located next to the architecture of the XVII – XVIII centuries, as well as next to national quarters.

The island of Java will be especially interesting for connoisseurs of national culture, because here you can find many mosques and ancient temples, as well as palaces and many other interesting structures. The most developed tourist area is the island of Bali. There are many attractions here: Taman Ayun is a “royal temple” in Methengvi, which is surrounded by water, the temple complex of Purah Besaki, the current volcano Gunung-Agun and much, much more.

Also relatively large island of Sumatra, it occupies in size fifth among other islands of the archipelago. The island is famous for the fact that the sand is dark here, this is associated with its volcanic origin, also on the island there are many picturesque ruins of ancient palaces and temples.

You can describe Indonesia for a long time, but of course it is better to just visit it. Assessing the living diversity and beauty of this wonderful country, you will probably want to visit here again.