The island-state Singapore

There are no traffic jams on the roads, you are surrounded by fantastic skyscrapers made of glass, at night it is light, like during the day, chic aromas of exotic and oriental girls in Sari. This is Singapore – Chinese quarter. Several cultures are intertwined in this country. The country is poloned by different faiths that live peacefully among themselves. There are almost no illiterate people in this state, and they follow the purity of everything. If you throw a piece of paper on the floor or smoke a cigarette in an wrong place, then get a reprimand and a huge fine. No city is compared with the lighting of Singapore. It was in it that the formula 1 race took place at night. Chinatown is considered a large and old district. You won’t even have enough day to get around it. This area plunges you into a fairy tale. Many temples show that its inhabitants are very honored. The very old temple is called – SRI Mariamman. Not far from it is the temple of heavenly bliss. Then you can see two Indian mosques. You can even find out in them if your desire will be fulfilled. A special place belongs to little India. There are many small shops, the smell of Indian incense is heard and music from Indian films is heard. You can even buy a gold jewelry. It may even have a charm from an ivory tail. The attraction of Singapore is the Raffles Hotel. He was named after the founder of this island. To reconstruct it a lot of money. If you like this kind of trip, then be sure to try river cruises, in Singapore there are more than enough, river cruises are popular in other cities, which you can read on the Internet without problems. If you stay in this hotel, then try – Singapore sling. This is a branded cocktail. He was recognized as a state property and architectural monument. Nothing can be compared with the cuisine of Singapore. City residents are very fond of cooking various dishes. At the bazaar Bugis Williage, you can get everything you want. Starting from high -quality electronics and ending with expensive souvenirs. You will be offered to try local vegetables and fruits. If you get to the sale, you will acquire many things at a very low price. Very rich and impressive area of ​​Orchard Road. The name translates, like – hotel street. It has a lot of hotels where rich people live. To retire, go to the Palau Ubin Island. All his chic beaches will only be in your location. So that Singapore will like everyone. Everyone will be satisfied that he visited him.