Italian Riviera – the flower side of the azure coast

The Azure Coast of France is not just an elite resort, but a real ” tourist Mecca ” for wealthy travelers. The beauty of the sea coast and the picturesqueness of the local landscape will not leave anyone indifferent. Here, on the azure coast, you will see hectares of forests and thousands of kilometers of stormy rivers, you can relax on one of the many beaches and arrange an unforgettable water walk on a yacht.

Who did not dream to visit Nice or Cannes, take a walk along Monaco or Saint-Trope?! The richest people of the world, famous actors, singers and musicians – all of them prefer this particular fashionable resort. What attracts successful people here? Firstly, of course, thoughtful infrastructure and excellent service. Secondly, the diversity of beaches and places for a pleasant pastime (restaurants, clubs, discos). All this is harmoniously combined in the vastness of the azure coast, among the coastal peaks of the Alps.

A tourist preferring endless fun will be able to go to Cannes. A lot of various events are held here annually: film festivals, carnivals and holidays. On one of the streets, you can easily face a celebrity. Buying real estate in Cannes – hobbies of many rich. This is not only prestigious to have a villa in Cannes, it is also profitable: almost every year the price of real estate in Cannes is growing due to great demand. Note that the cost of villas and cottages starts with a “modest mark” in 5-6 million euros.

If you prefer a quiet family vacation, my advice is to go to the antib. Family couples with children will be able to relax here by visiting a sawmill and a flower park, attractions, dolphinarium and water park.

The Mediterranean climate of the Riviera is able to attract many tourists, because the number of sunny days a year is about three hundred, and snow here is a rarity even in winter. But let’s not forget that Riviera is not only the French, but also the Italian coast. You can go to the Italian coast, but then you will lose sight of all the beauty of the azure bank of France. What to do if you want to see the beauty of the whole Riviera? The best option will be to visit them in turn, or use the service ‘“ renting yacht’ ‘.

Italian Riviera – the flower side of the azure coast. There are also many popular resorts: Portofino, San Remo, Rapallo, Ventimilla, etc. D. Back in the distant 19th century, flower breeding became a popular industry in these parts. Therefore, Riviera Act Fiori attracts tourists with a riot of colors and the aroma of flowers.