Kanberra is an amazing capital of an amazing country.

The tourist magazine Kanberra is called the capital of Australia – an extremely attractive state that spread its possessions into the mainland and adjacent small islands. The staff in which Kanberra is located is the largest in the entire Australian Union. The history of the founding of Kanberra with its roots leaves in 1901, when the English colonists decided to create an Australian Federation. At that time, the key candidates for the title of the capital of the newly made state claimed two rather large cities: Melbourne and Sydney. Each of them had their own zealous supporters, the confrontation between which over time grew into a fairly aggressive confrontation. As a result of difficult negotiations, a compromise was achieved: so that no one was offended, they decided to establish the capital on a neutral territory between Melbourne and Sydney. So the glorious city of Kanberra was founded, which means “meeting place”. How can we verify, the name of this significant settlement is quite consistent with its essence.

The best engineers worked on the architectural and landscape appearance of the city, who managed to take into account the features of the local area and climate. As a result, the creation of their hands still causes delight and admiration. Kanberra today-without exaggeration, a city city. In each quarter, in each structure, a general general line, thoughtfulness, accuracy are felt. In the very center of the city is the artificial Lake Griffin, which, as it were, reflects the philosophy of the capital: nature is its main dignity.

The care of green spaces here pay very much attention. Small development is strictly prohibited – nothing should overshadow the harmonious and surprisingly beautiful appearance of the city. Industrial enterprises are absent at all. The main part of residential buildings is one – and two -story cottages drowning in lush gardens.

However, Kanberra is also a major administrative center. It is here that many diplomatic services and other state structures are located. The city occupies, in general, a small territory-the extent of the giant to the Sydney. Canberra can be circumvented in one day. The population has only 300 thousand people. Unlike most Australian cities, Kanberra is located in the depths of the mainland, and not on its outskirts, on the seashore. Thus, a certain quiet “world” was created in Canberra, organically combined with nature and very beautiful.