Rest in Norway

Norwegians consider the winter their favorite time of the year, and “traditional” skiing is almost a national treasure, which, however, they do not mind sharing them and with visitors. Therefore, if you share their passion, Norway will become the best for ..

And now we will not talk about the historical or cultural attractions of Norway, and not even about the remarkable nature of this region, but about the no less important part of both the country itself and traveling along it – about the roads. No, we will not talk about asphalt and markings. But the author of the article decided to share his impressions of a trip on Norway roads, an exciting tour with picturesque landscapes.

The best Scandinavian ski resorts are located in Norway. Everything here is available – and excellent service in hotels, and picturesque landscapes of nature – all that is needed for a pleasant active rest. The season lasts incredibly long – from November to April, so everyone can have time and choose the right time and place for themselves. Hafiel, Hemedal or Tryusil – the choice is yours! And this article with descriptions and photos will help to decide on the choice and go on an unforgettable journey.

It is not necessary to examine the whole country or an entire city in order to enjoy the local color and atmosphere. For example, the Bruggen embankment in Norway is a really self -sufficient place that has its own interesting story and can tell a lot. And it is not surprising that such a huge number of tourists come here, some by water, and who is on the highway. The most surprisingly beautiful combination of colors and the design of architecture is most surprised, but not only for its sake this area should be visited. What else is there interesting? – This article will tell.

The city of Bergen, in Norway, begins their history from the distant 11th century, and from those a long, diverse and interesting way has passed. Today the city has not lost its greatness and splendor, and in addition – has become a popular tourist center. Bergen and today reminds some of his features a medieval town, while the main attractions are the old town halls. Well, what else can you find interesting here and why the popularity of this place does not decline – you can read in this article.

Oslo is not only the administrative capital of Norway, but it is rightfully considered a cultural center where all interesting sights and a real Scandinavian spirit are collected. In this article you will find not only a vivid description of the city of Oslo, but also eloquent photographs that will certainly make you become interested in it, and soon – and will go there on an unforgettable journey.