Maldives-life in a new way.

Paradise is not only in heaven, it is on earth – these are the Maldives. Warm sun, delicate white sand, blue sky, the mobile sea and the chic sprawling palm trees that bend from the severity of bananas and coconuts. All this splendor can be seen with your own eyes or in the pictures. There are many islands in the Indian Ocean, but no other can compare in beauty with the Maldives. Even if you revise a lot of photos and then compare with what you have seen – two different worlds. No master of photography, even a professional will be able to convey the whole true beauty of such a cozy paradise of nature. If you manage to get to the Maldives, you will have the idea that you just did not live before. In this paradise world you will caress the sea, warm the sun and the soul will be filled with a warm feeling that happiness is called. If we talk about the history of the Maldives – it goes root in the distant past. There is an opinion that the islands of the Sultans were controlled earlier. Natural beauty confused men, and they agreed so that the most beautiful half of humanity continued to control these paradise lands. This was not a mistake, since this region, thanks to the female rule, gained glory, prosperity and grace. Those sailors who threw anchor in the Maldives, were amazed at the magnificence of the country and told the whole world about this fabulous place. Tourists also convey their admiration for these parts from mouth to mouth. You can just go to various tourist sites and read reviews about the Maldives. Tourists know that an unforgettable vacation awaits them in the Maldives. They offer their services comfortable hotels that are famous for a variety of exotic cuisine and high -class service. Each guest of the country will find a lesson to his liking. To completely get drunk with the energy of the sun – go to well -equipped beaches. If you turn to experienced instructors, you can explore the depths of the Indian Ocean with Aqualang. Unique animals, exotic fish, underwater reefs will appear to your gaze. If you do not like the “Underwater Kingdom” – go to the sky on a deltaplane and observe a beautiful nature. There is an opportunity to look into history if you study the sights of the islands. Want to retire? Always in the Maldives there are places that are far from hustle and worldly worries. If you want to become a hero of a wonderful fairy tale – welcome to the Maldives.