What could be better than a well -thought -out long -awaited trip?! Most prefer budget warriors in Egypt or Turkey and few sets to choose something more interesting and unusual, even if such a trip will cost a little more. But aren’t bright, juicy impressions not good money? Some go to the native Black Sea coast every year and huddle in the closets with cardboard walls and a bunch of neighbors – but is this a vacation? Others acquire real estate in Bulgaria and spend their vacations there, and also let numerous friends and relatives into. All this is of course wonderful, inexpensive and reliable. But what about the spirit of wanderings and the wind of adventure?!If you want to try something new for yourself and you like the vacation on paradise islands with snow-white sand, a inexorable splash of waves and the rustle of palm leaves-it is worth choosing your choice in the Maldives. The name of this country is translated as the island of the Doverer and this is really the case. The wizard-nature created many small and isolated paradise corners, on which people placed hotels and all the infrastructure necessary for a good rest and relaxation. You can stop at the Bungalo and you will be the only inhabitant of a fairy -tale island. If you like a more lively society – choose multi -sized hotels. There are more than 1,200 islands in the republic, but not all of them are mastered by man – many uninhabited atolls. About 50 islands of different sizes are involved in the tourism business. Interestingly, the weather in the Maldives is always warm – the country is located almost at the equator in the Indian Ocean. In the midst of Russian winter, you can plunge into warm (+25-27 degrees) and affectionate water. It would be a mistake to believe that in the Maldives you can only sunbathe and swim. This is a very ancient country with a rich history and many temples and museums. Most of them are located in the capital. In addition, by visiting the Republic of Maldives, you will get the opportunity to try the most intricate and rare dishes of a dozen national kitchens in one place! Active vacation lovers will also find a lesson. Early in the morning you can go to the ocean fishing, and a delicious barbecue will prepare a cook from the catch of cooks. There is also a night fishing and a special expedition on boats for sharks, a-lame fish, gauze or barracade using modern radar equipment. Diving fans will be able to fully enjoy underwater walks along coral reefs, many multi -colored fish can be seen and diving with a mask and a tube. Near the Maldives is a high wave, which is appreciated by surfers. The season itself for this hobby from March to November. Tourists are very popular with boats with a transparent bottom, allowing you to look into the world of inhabitants of the depths.