Maldives. On distant islands of the southern seas

Going to the Maldives, you need to know three things: twelve hours even a charter flight, seven days of diving and six nights of beaches. If the first does not scare you, and the second and third, on the contrary, attracts, then you are flying correctly. Dreams of historical attractions and amazing beauties, it is better to leave at home. In addition to obscure hints about the syndbade of the monitor and the remnants of the colonial culture, you will not find anything particularly interesting in the Maldives. Beautiful views mentioned in many guides, rather a tribute to a truly amazing underwater world and, of course, sunsets and dawn, which are really remembered.

All the rest

The gaze will slip past three palm trees, on coral sand and an endless sea horizon, to easily drown in a glass with a cold cocktail. After all, the Maldives is nothing more than twenty coral atolls, of which it turned out more than a thousand islands. They are located seven hundred kilometers from India, in the Mussonn Subequatorial Climate Climate. Therefore, it is better to go to Paris or South America to all those who are contraindicated because of bouts of boredom and binge. In the Maldives, rest is not just good, you can compare it with a pleasant sleep or with a beautiful fairy tale. Gathered in the Maldives, read all this and now doubt? Dont be upset! At least once to go there. Firstly, because in our country it was these islands that have become a real symbol of the bourgeoisie. Nothing combines with the new dress of the wife and the brand new Mazda as phrases: “We celebrated the New Year in the Maldives”. And secondly, these are really real coral atolls! There are no permanent water sources on the islands, mainly imported and rain. The archipelago boasts that the highest point rises above sea level by only two and a half meters. I am a suspicion that this is a tower of rescuers on the beach.

Are there any cons?

Maldives have a little noticeable minuses. This is certainly a fairly expensive pleasure. Almost everything is imported on the islands, so “All Exclusive” is not about the Maldives at all. The cost of air travel is added to the voucher. Another minus is a very short tourist season. Already in April, rains begin, which stop only in November. For all pleasure – only six months. Clear, this cannot but affect the prices in hotels. Say unequivocally: do you like the Maldives or not – you can’t. But still, the number of those who, having visited this, once again and again, returned there and again. What recommendation can be better?