Milan – what to see and where to chop

Russia is known to many as the capital of world fashion and the center of international shopping. Discounts, discounts, discounts! Many specially waited for sales weeks to go to Milan and buy world brands at affordable prices. However, if shopping is not your goal, what to do in Milan?

This magnificent city of Italy can offer a lot of interesting sophisticated tourists. Here you can satisfy your passion for art, culture, music, design, sports. Throughout the year, interesting exhibitions and events are held in Milan at the highest level. The discount season in Milan begins on January 5 and lasts until February 10. The main streets for shopping Corso Como, Corso Buenos Aires and Corso Garibaldi. Moreover, the last street is famous for its bars, in which Italians love to go to aperitif. Every evening, at six to seven in the evening, Milants go to the bar to skip a glass of an alcoholic drink, as well as get to know and chat with those whom they met in this bar. We would learn from them the ability to make new acquaintances and communicate with children’s spontaneity. The cost of aperitivities is 8-15 euros, which includes 1 alcoholic drink and how much you want food. It is also worth visiting boutiques in the city center on Duomo. Personally, we bought branded things there at excellent prices from 100-120 euros for a dress or blouse. During sales, new collections make discounts from 5-30%.The famous SERRAVALLE Outlet in Milan invites brands for purchases all year round. Here you can make very profitable purchases with discounts from 30 to 70 euros. You can get to the outlet by bus, the ticket cost is 10 euros.

Milan Paradise for connoisseurs of art and shopaholics

Milan’s nightlife lovers can also offer many interesting places. Evening and night restaurants, with delicious Italian dishes, fashionable bars, which are celebrities, party pubs, interesting nightclubs. The captain of the Inter football team, the famous Zatyu Zanetti is also the owner of historical restaurants in Dzhannino and El Gucho (is the same in Moscow). Representatives of the Bomond and Football Stars are like to visit here. Great place for dating players. The famous secular gossip and blogger Alfonso Signorini loves to be in the Milan restaurant UBI MAIOR. You may quite accidentally meet it if you decide to have dinner in this restaurant. The salon “See You at 1” is created in the New York style, this is the famous party place. Alcatraz takes place the best concentrations throughout the year. If you are only for a week in Milan, you still have to evaluate the music concentrations that you will be able to get in this place. For lovers of incendiary dances of the Gattopardo cafe, which is also interesting in that it is located in the building where the church had previously been. It is also in Milan that the most famous and popular Blue Note jazz club is located. The world -class artists act here. Be sure to visit this place. Still, are not sure if it is worth?