Mexico – a trip to a fairy tale.

A trip to Mexico can become a dream fulfillment, especially for those who came here for the first time. Interesting places that are worth visiting here, of course, a lot. You can visit Cancun in the south-east of the country, Acapulko on the south coast or Guadalahara in Central Mexico. However, you need to start your journey through this fabulous country, from its capital-Mexico City. It is located on the ruins of the Aztec city Tenochtitlan. The historical center of the city, its churches and cathedrals, along with the floating gardens of Sochimilo are included in the lists of UNESCO. They cannot be crossed out of your journey

Tula. Not far from the capital, you can visit the city of Tula, which was built on a high hill. It is impossible to miss a pyramid consisting of 4 levels B, as indicated by archaeologists. Indians call her Tlahuizcalpantecuhtl. At the top of the pyramid, 4 five -meter Atlantes are engraved, which depict the warriors of the Toltecs. The main pyramid, as well as the column hall and the Kumado Palace, is located nearby. Siuataneho. This is a small city on the seashore, in the port of which yachts from all over the world are communed. The owners of this land are very hospitable people and they live, mainly due to tourists. A visit to this town will definitely leave the warmest memories. Like the Baya California Peninsula, where the bays and lagons of unearthly beauty were set up and where, during an excursion in the boat, if you are lucky, you can see whales. The local fauna attracts, every year, many travelers. Utakan. This peninsula is another wonderful direction for traveling in Mexico. Here, in addition to Cancun, you can visit Chichens-Iza, a place called “At the Holy Well” and, which is one of the most preserved settlements of Maya, dated 11th century. Among the most valuable buildings of this complex, you can emphasize the temple of El-Castillo, a 24-meter pyramid, observatories and a ballpoint site. Ushmal. If there is a desire to look into the secrets of Maya’s life, you need to visit the Ushmal, which is hidden 80 kilometers from merida. There are several designs from the classic Mayan period-the 7th-10th centuries BC. These include: the pyramid of the magician, the Palace of the Government, the Palace of the Head and the monastery of the nuns. Routes for traveling in Mexico, of course, much more. In addition to historical tracks, the country of Aztecs and Maya also offers relaxing rest, water entertainment and endless fun with unique Mexican music, dancing and dishes.