New Year abroad: when children are not a hindrance

The decision to go abroad, on the eve of the New Year’s celebrations, makes young parents find ways to get rid of the younger generation, giving it for temporary storage to grandparents and grandmothers. But sometimes their plans are not destined to come true – older relatives aimed at resting such a precious weekend, sometimes do not want to burden themselves with troubles about an ever -flinging and whining grandson, capable of turning the holiday into a continuous headache. So, if you couldn’t get away the child, you will have to think over the options for its arrangement in the hotel room and during the banquet, when the elders will enjoy the concert and the entertainment program in which children will find anything interesting for themselves. The first version of the New Year’s pastime, if you have chosen a family hotel for rest, is simple and convenient in every way. As a rule, taking care of their guests, the administration organizes a separate holiday for small guests in a separate room, so that children’s screams and joyful laughter do not drown out the music of discos for adults. Moreover, for them they do not forget to invite Santa Claus and the Snow Maiden who organize funny contests and entertainment, not allowing the kids to miss and think about parents, as well as to fight and quarrel. At the same time, there are several experienced teachers in the hall who will not allow the most quickly the child does not shoot in themselves with a cracker or not crossed the festive cake. The second option, a little more complicated in implementation, is an invitation to the nanny number that will spend time with your child while you come off at the New Year’s party. It is not difficult to find a specialist in child care, especially if you seek help at the reception – probably, such situations have already arisen, and there is a special solution for them, tested by time. However, a serious nuisance may arise – your heir can categorically refuse to stay with extraneous aunts and arrange a hysteria that can reduce a festive mood to zero. It is worth trying to explain to the capricious baby that Santa Claus is not planned today, and the nanny standing next to him will willingly play the role of a bunny, mouse, bird and any other animal, provided that he will calm down and agree to sit calmly, giving his parents the opportunity to relax. The most difficult option is the need to take a child to a banquet with him if there is no one to leave him with. Of course, if we are talking about a younger student, there is no need to expect unpleasant surprises, but a young child can arrange a serious commotion. That is why think again, is it worth taking a child on a long journey.