New Year’s fairs for tourists.

Due to future New Year’s holidays, various New Year’s fairs began almost throughout Europe, the main purpose of which is to attract a huge number of tourists from around the world. But not everyone likes such fairs. If European tourists try to constantly visit neighboring countries, and especially during holiday fairs, then tourists from the Russian Federation do not attract such events at all.

According to various travel agencies, the number of Russian tourists who will go to European countries during the holidays should be reduced by forty percent, which will be the minimum indicator in recent years.

Olga Favarizova, who currently holds the post of head of the OkTogo resource support service, told Russian journalists that Russian tourists have already begun to prepare for the upcoming holidays, so they began to gradually refuse to travel in Europe, not looking at what was currently at the moment There are simply fabulous events that remain in memory for many years.

The most beautiful fairs can be seen in Germany, as well as in France.