Ngong Ping is open in Hong Kong again.

NGONG Ping, which was previously closed for repairs, again began work on April 5. The repair of the road lasted two months, and now tourists have again received the opportunity to visit Lantau Island without difficulties. The decision to close a six -kilometer cable car for repair was made after the incident that happened in January of this year. On January 25, the traffic suddenly stopped, so all passengers spent several hours in a limited state in the literal sense of the word. A little later, an examination was carried out, which made it possible to determine the problems. It turned out that the malfunction was given by the system of bearings.

At the moment, all malfunctions are completely eliminated. During a short trip on the ngong ping cable car, tourists get the opportunity to enjoy beautiful views of the mountains and the sea. The road is used as one of the best ways to get to the island of Landau. There is a monastery on the island, a statue of Buddha, as well as a large and incredibly beautiful park zone. A mountain pedestrian road and road also leads to the island.