Incredible Italy.

Everyone at least once in his life dreamed of visiting this cheerful, full of the Sun to the country, admire the charms of magical Venice, feel the centuries -old power of Rome, visit Genoa and Turin. To date, everyone can plunge into an amazing aura of this paradise, you only need to be able and desire.

Italy is so magnificent and diverse that everyone can find decent entertainment for themselves here to their taste. Coming to get acquainted with the great spiritual heritage can walk along the winding streets, which are simultaneously located in the past and present. Italian streets have a unique feature, they can plunge you into the atmosphere of the past eras, which will appear before your eyes as in reality. The Coliseum ruins will tell about the gloomy time when thousands of Christians were scored and torn to pieces in the Roman Empire in the Death Arena. This long -forgotten time will pass in front of you, reviving for a moment Julia Caesar and gladiators who have long gone in the fly.

However, modern Italy is famous not only for a rich centuries -old history. To the same extent, tourists are attracted by amazing coffee houses, in which they treat them with amazing coffee, unforgettable sweets and indescribably tasty hot chocolate. It is in the famous Italian confectionery that gourmets and sweet tooths are so striving to visit. So, when planning a vacation in Italy with children, do not forget about these tempting places. By the way, having very popularity in all countries of the world, pizza is from Italy. Yes, and spaghetti too.

But this is far from all. Italy is known for a huge number of football clubs famous among fans around the world, so if you are a football fan, then you are definitely here. Yes, and few will refuse to soak themselves on a beautiful beach under the noise of delicate waves, ride a gondola in Venice, admiring ancient houses, which are unique memos of centuries -old history.

A memorable journey through the country, which famous artists and writers dreamed to visit, now kindly offer everyone who wants modern travel agencies. And so that your vacation can do without clouding surprises, you should not only consider the proposals of the managers of the travel agency, but also independently familiarize yourself with the reviews of hotels left by other tourists.

Having visited Italy, each traveler will discover something new, amazing and special for himself: the Coliseum, which was covered with legends, uniquely beautiful Capitol hill, full of mysteries Naples, the city of the famous falling tower-Pisa.

Italy offers its guests an incredible choice of various children’s attractions, parks and entertainment centers. Many guests of the country are attracted here by diving and surfing, as well as ski resorts.