On a train with a child.

Grandmother once again demands to bring her grandson: “At least look at him, otherwise all the only photos, but photos, and so I want to – hug, caress”. However, not everything is so simple – to go almost for the distant lands – by train for three days. On the plane, of course, faster and more comfortable, but expensive. If you want – you don’t want, but you have to go and, apparently, by train. But how to organize such a trip. Imagine only for yourself, two -year -old fidgets for three days on the train! How to occupy and entertain him? After all, puzzles for children for all 72 hours he will not engage in! What to do with it there? What to take with you? What if it gets sick? How to wash? In general, there are many questions, you need to look for answers.

The first thing you need to decide-than to take a child so that the journey becomes interesting and memorable, so that in the future the word “train” does not cause any negative emotions, because you still have to go to the same grandmother, and more than once, and from I don’t want to refuse other future trips. So, the maximum task is to make the journey so exciting that it is remembered even more than a grandmother.

So how to take a baby? Let’s go, of course, in the compartment, so the first hours (from two to three) the child will be mastered in a new one and, I must say, a rather interesting room. Pull all these shiny things, handles, shelves and locks – it will take a lot of time. In order not to distract the baby from this fascinating lesson, not to touch anything, because everything is dirty, stock up on a detergent disinfectant with which you process all the surfaces in the compartment. After such a short cleaning, you can safely go about your business – the child will be in business.

A special ritual on the train acquire meals, because everything is so unusual – tea is not in cups, but in glasses with cup holders, an indispensable chicken and other attributes of dinner on the train. Problems will feed the child in such conditions, as a rule, does not happen. But a very frequent problem is to lay down, especially on the first day. The baby will fall asleep quickly, because the train is a cradle on wheels, but to persuade him to lie down and lie down – you have to work on it.

Most likely, on the second day, the child will already get acquainted with the new premises and, it is possible that he will move beyond. You can, of course, guard and not let it go. Better to make an excursion.

Walks on the train can be changed to classic calm classes. Boys and girls in this regard are quite different. The former can, of course, draw and listen to the book, but not for long. Therefore, before the trip, you need to take care and go to a regular or online toy store for girls and boys. A couple of new toys will save in critical situations.

By the way, it is not necessary to buy new ones – you can hide a couple of old. During this time, the child will forget about them and enthusiastically play again after a long separation. Stand up with such 100% distracting things, since the road may need to urgently distract the child. New or forgotten toys will cope with this perfectly.

Gathering on the road and thinking what to take for the baby and what is not, do not forget about the size of baggage. It is better to take a couple of interesting children’s coloring instead of a bulky dump truck. It will be boring in the train not only to the baby, but also to you, so to devote these three days entirely and completely to the baby – a good option. And certainly he will appeal to his son or daughter, because the time spent with dad and mother in joint games and classes often recalls adults as the most joyful and happy.