On vacation with a child

Family vacation is an event that you can’t call simple and cheap. When planning a trip, you have to take into account many little things and pay increased attention to convenience and safety, which significantly increases the cost of vacation. How to save on vacation without prejudice to the well -being of a young traveler, and what needs to be provided in advance? We will try to answer these questions.

To begin with, some tips for lean parents. Where and how to relax, while getting discounts, traveling with a small child?

Direct to the destination most of the modes of transport provides for large discounts on children’s tickets or generally guarantees free travel for babies with parents. For example, on an airplane on the territory of Russia, children up to two years old fly for free, and the international flight is made for only 10% of the ticket cost. True, the baby should not occupy a separate place, if a vacation with children involves a long flight, it is better for small tourists to buy a ticket.

A ticket with a separate chair to a small airline traveler will be sold at a 50% discount on Russian flights and at a 30% discount on international. But on charter flights, the children’s place will have to be paid at an adult tariff. A child aged 2 to 14 years, who plans to spend a vacation with parents, will provide an individual chair for only 25-50% of the ticket cost of domestic airlines, and international discount can increase to 75%.

As for trains, here children under 5 years old who do not occupy a separate sleeping place go for free. A child aged 5-10 years will receive a ticket for 25-50% of the cost and a separate shelf.

Living in hotels and hotels many five-star hotels make significant discounts to families with children up to 16 years, especially in countries as Turkey, Spain or Greece. Sometimes you can stumble on special offers for couples with young children, where the child is provided free of charge and food for a child.

Reservation of vouchers many people think about how to relax, a few months before the start of the season. At this time, agencies allow you to book tours 10-15% lower than the usual cost. But saving on burning tickets is undesirable, since a trip with a child requires special conditions that may simply not be on the road or at the destination site.

Many parents are also disturbed by the choice of a suitable place to relax depending on the age of the child. For example, from a tiny one to a year it is better not to leave the country’s borders, but to relax in Anapa or suburban boarding houses. It is convenient to go to the near abroad (Crimea, Bulgaria) or countries with a developed tourism industry (Turkey, Greece, Italy) with kids of 4-10 years old.

Before you go on a long journey, it will not be superfluous to take care of the basic necessities for a young tourist. This list will certainly include a medical insurance policy, documents (birth certificate, a passport, notarized permission from the parent, if the baby goes with only one of them) and a first -aid kit with familiar drugs.

Thus, rest with a child does not have to turn into endless chores and headache. If you think over all possible situations in advance, problems can be avoided.