On the way to the vacation spot. Some observations

What a family vacation? Options, of course, many. Although the market of tourism services has recently been patted, the number of proposals to go somewhere for distant lands is growing steadily. Smart people from among the leaders of travel agencies, who were deprived of a license for the lack of capital of several million, have now become directors of amateur tourist clubs. Almost according to the same scheme, recreation programs are drawn up, with the unchanged “all inclusive” and “first line from the sea”, adjusted for the complete lack of rights of their members abroad. A tourist club is a certain initiative group of people who, by joint efforts, finds a place to relax, gathers and goes there as if spontaneously, at the call of the soul. In fact, tourist clubs are still managed by a leader who, under the guise of voluntary membership fees, collects his tribute – and by the law it is not forbidden to collect funds for the purchase of equipment and prepayment of residence at the hotel abroad. In general, a cunning goal for inventions – no prohibitions on activities in this area will force their adventurers to terminate their work. Of course, not every tourist club is a disguised and ruined travel agency, many of these clubs have been operating for more than a dozen years and unite people in interests, enthusiasts and romantics.

Retreating from romance, we will pay a little attention to practicality and observation. What transport is proposed to get to the place? Who will sit behind the wheel even a very comfortable bus? The tablet, for example, stages that the first -class driver will deliver you to the place quickly and with comfort, should not exclude compliance by the driver of the established rules for transporting passengers. Although not always drivers are grossly violating the rules, you should carefully observe the behavior of an experienced driver while driving while driving. If the transport is packed with passengers, and the driver now and then speaks on a mobile phone, then it is worth it without gross expressions to ask him to stop being distracted while moving. The work of the driver can be compared with the work of the surgeon, it is unlikely that the plastic surgeon Mamedov Elchin will be distracted during the operation for empty conversations.

As a rule, on Russian roads, traveling far distances on the bus is most convenient at night – the tracks are almost empty and you can not strain either the driver or passengers.

Traveling on the train is much more interesting, especially with children. Even if the path on a different type of transport is shorter in time, it is better to ride the train with children. In addition to amenities, children will be very comfortable and fun, they will be able to safely move around the wagon, play with peers.