Rest abroad – security is primarily

Everyone knows positive issues of rest abroad – it helps to expand the circles, strengthen health and nervous system. However, when traveling to another country, you need to constantly remember your own security.

There is no state where the crime rate would be equal, a tourist gathering on a trip will have to take care of his security. Of course, it is difficult to defend against robbery, but it is quite possible to protect yourself from scammers of various kinds. Each country has its own types of crooks, which is useful to learn in advance.

So, in Spain and Italy, motorcyclists, passing at high speed, are pulled out of the hands of passers -by bags. Carried away by an interesting tour, you can lose documents or money. Pockets around the world work according to one scheme – while the charming passerby distracts the tourist with a question or compliment, his partner frees the pockets of an unlucky traveler.

In the Italian cafe, they can enter a dish not ordered by the client. There, the cost of a tablecloth, air conditioner and additional service can add to the account in the restaurant. In the capital of France, you should not take flowers from an outsider, since in a few minutes you can encounter a company of aggressive youth, which will require a considerable fee for a flower.

Particular caution should be observed in the metro. In the crowd, pickpockets always “work”. As for shops, especially private ones, when purchases, you need to carefully check the checks. Various donations are very often collected in Europe, which go to the treatment of patients with AIDS, drug addicts, etc. Most often these are scammers. Currency exchange should be done exclusively in state exchange points.

Police address in Rome – Via Cesare Battisti, 6, you can also call by phone (+39) to block the Viza or MasterCard card stolen by Italian pickpockets, you can make an application by phone: 800877232 or when visiting another country about competent services of this kind, you should find out in advance At the tour operator. Any offense should immediately notify the Russian embassy, ​​which can provide any necessary assistance if a criminal lawyer is required.

In Turkey and Egypt, it is best to pay for a trip in a taxi upon arrival at the place, be sure to recount the change. In the capital of Italy, the cost of the guide’s services is often too high.

In Cuba, they like to sell cheap cigars instead of expensive tourists to unmarried tourists. Classical scam of the Egyptians – a proposal to sit for free on the back of a camel. In order to get off him, you need to pay. About nothing on the market. You should know that the genuine Egyptian papyrus can only be bought in a specialized store, but not on the market.