Rest in Thailand

Tourism is one of the mass phenomena of the end of the last century, which have developed in connection with the emergence of a certain political and economic situation in society. To date, 2-3 weekend tours are widespread, then tourist trips that occupy a longer period of time, which on average is from 6 to 10 days, follow. The main goals of such trips can be classified as follows: they can be entertaining, recreational, cognitive. Currently, most people prefer to travel to foreign countries, which makes it possible to get acquainted with the features of another cultural environment, to expand their horizons. Eastern states are very popular among such countries in recent years, the specific culture of which is exotic for many people. Thailand is one of the most popular places of rest, which includes all the features inherent in the mysterious oriental culture. This state can be called a country of endless diversity with impassable jungle, clean rivers, high mountains, with orchids and many other exotic plants and animals. The beauty of nature, the flavor of local culture and vivid publications of tourists left on the pages of numerous Internet sites of travel agencies in Thailand reviews, cannot leave indifferent lovers of the East and determine the choice of a country that should be on the next vacation.

Among the resorts of Thailand, the Pattaya resort located in the eastern part of the coast of the state is very popular. The resort provides the opportunity for tourists to get a variety of impressions both from a beach holiday and from participating in the stormy night life of the city. For people who prefer a relaxing vacation, the Jomtienne beach, located far from the resort fuss, is perfect. There is also an extensive and diverse map of excursions in Pattaya, which allows you to visit interesting places throughout the vacation. The hotel complex of the resort is represented by a variety of prices and the number of stars. The hotels offer different levels of comfort, depending on which the infrastructure may include a number of additional services: golf fields, pools, tennis courts, bowling and billiards. It should be noted that when choosing a room in a specific hotel, people who are going to go to this resort for the first time, will be given great assistance about Pattaya hotels, including information about the ratio of price-quality categories and ending with a description of the work of the service staff of the rest.