Rest in Egypt: some nuances that tourists need to know

The state of Egypt is one of the most popular and favorite destinations, where tourists from different points of the globe go annually to see the civilization of the ancient world with their own eyes. This land is really capable of conquering anyone, since there are many interesting things from the famous centuries -old attractions, ending with a unique nature with incredible sandy bumps, sea waves and the mysterious underwater world. In addition, Egypt is also attracted by comfortable hotel complexes that are at any Egyptian resort. Vacation can be spent with benefit and at home. For example, make repairs in the bathroom. Before going to the Arab Republic, you should know some nuances that will better prepare for rest and avoid possible problems:- weather conditions. For lovers of beach holidays on the Mediterranean or Red Sea, a hot season is best suited, which begins in the middle of spring and lasts until the beginning of autumn. But then it will definitely be uncomfortable tourists, because it is pretty cold for water procedures, despite, in general, to the warm climate of Egypt. If you visit this state, it turns out precisely in the winter season (November – March), then it is also not worth sad, because it is perfect for outdoor activities. You can arrange a magnificent sightseeing tour, walking with shopping without a grueling heat. Although even in summer the high air temperature does not bring much discomfort to tourists due to a pleasant Mediterranean climate.- Innovable taxation. More recently, the Government of the Arab Republic of Egypt has introduced a tax for foreign tourists, which will be levied upon arrival in the state. Therefore, people who flew to North Africa will have to pay a tribute at the airport.- Egyptian attractions. Of course, first of all, this state does not go for five -star hotel apartments, but to see the world -famous monuments of the Middle Ages, which are the hallmark of Egypt – these are magnificent tombs of pharaohs with millennia mummies, huge pyramids located on the plateau of the outskirts of the capital. Valley of kings, plateau of Giza, Alexandria, Luxor (Thebes), Asian, Sahara, Oasis Feiran, the island of the Pharaohs and other wonderful places shrouded in secrets and legends can and should be seen upon arrival in Egypt. An unforgettable impressions will also give a cruise by the Nile, which allows you to feel the real adventure spirit of Africa.- Rest in Egypt with a child. Often, families with children go to the Arab Republic, because it is here for children that there are many attractions and entertainment centers. And the coast in the season, as if created for kids. In addition, this country allows you to expand the horizons of the child, give versatile communication, fascinating excursions, and introduce to marine sports. In almost all hotels, accommodation for the whole family involves a separate place for a child with children’s furniture. There is even a children’s menu and another special service that includes the conduct of a child’s leisure (playgrounds, animators, interest clubs or nanny services).