Rest in the cities of France

Each French city has many attractions, including medieval castles, various museums, beach resorts, ski slopes and others. Such resorts as Nice, Saint-Tropery attract hundreds of thousands of tourists, and here not only hotels for relaxing on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, but also a lot of casinos, golf clubs and other entertainment. The most suitable for beach holidays is the second month of summer. In the afternoon, the temperature here is located in the region of 25 degrees, but you always need to remember that in a matter of minutes the temperature and the weather can change for the worse and it will rain. Therefore, especially in the evening, it is cool and you need to take a jacket or jacket with you. Some days in July can be very cool, so lovers of beaches can take a break and visit one of the other attractions.

The most famous resorts are Biarrits and La Bol. Many people come to the Biarritis to tours with the aim of healing at the local Talassotherapy Center, where they are treated with water, ultrasound and other methods. There are also many simulator halls, sites for training any gaming sports.

Shamoni is one of the very famous resorts located in the mountains, which we visit by tourists and in summer and winter. In winter, lovers of ski recreation gather in Chamonist, and in the summer climbers and extremes come, who are fond of riding mountain bicycles. Chamonist can be visited with the help of buses constantly plying in this direction. And from Chamonist on the bus you can get to other ski resorts. If the weather is not suitable for entertainment on the street, you can visit local cafes, restaurants or shops. Known for the whole world and the resort of Courchevel.

A trip to France will especially appeal to women, since, starting in July, sales begin here. Therefore, fashionistas from all over the world gather shopping. In stores and boutiques you can purchase fashionable clothes and shoes at very good discounts. Paris flea market will help to purchase small antique things.

Bastille Day is one of the most important holidays in the country. Event tours annually give thousands of tourists these days. In every large city there are parades with fireworks, festive processions, mass festivities. End of summer and autumn – time for various festivals. For example, Malina’s holiday or Bayon Music Festival. Leaving France, it is impossible not to acquire for yourself, something in memory of this romantic city. Having hit the seasonal discounts provided in January or June, you can buy souvenirs to yourself, reminiscent of a vacation in this wonderful world.